Rising Shadows

Book Two of the Sam Adams Series

In saving his city of Williamsport, sixteen-year-old wizard Sam Adams uncovered dark revelations that left him shattered.
Abby, the girl he loved, was murdered. His memories of her last day were magically erased. And the person responsible is hiding in plain sight. A new threat emerges when an infamous necromancer appears in Williamsport, with a dark agenda that may be connected to her killer. As the undead threaten to tear the city apart, Sam is forced to ally with the very people he suspects of Abby’s death.
With paranoia mounting and violence escalating, Sam has to scramble to stay one step ahead of the necromancer­—and to keep from being the killer’s next victim. Navigating a lethal web of shifting alliances, Sam is trapped between insidious magic, and human enemies even more deadly.
But the darkest demons are waiting in his own mind.

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About the author

Daniel Meyer tried his hand at a few careers, but fearing they were too realistic and achievable, he became a fantasy writer instead.  Now he spends his days writing stories about magic and explosions.  He is a lover of Eighties rock, an occasional kilt-wearer, and a supporter of raccoons.  He lives in Missouri, where, as ever, he’s working on his next novel.

“Do something,” someone shouted, and I knew it was directed at me, because that’s what you shout at a wizard in an emergency.

—From Credible Threats