Book One of the Sam Adams Series

Sam Adams, sixteen-year-old wizard, has zero interest in saving the world—but staying out of the line of fire isn’t an option for wizards.  

When a new designer drug hits the streets, giving ordinary humans magical powers and leaving a trail of bodies in its wake, it threatens to turn his city of Williamsport’s long-simmering conflict between the haves and the have-nots into a full-scale war.

The only one with the skills to protect the city, Sam finds himself thrust into a conspiracy far darker and more dangerous than he ever imagined, with tentacles stretching into the criminal underworld and the wealthy elite—and into the spirit world.  Fighting for his life, surrounded by enemies, Sam has to dig deeper than ever before to keep Williamsport from going up in flames. 

But even magic has its limits.   

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About the author

Daniel Meyer tried his hand at a few careers, but fearing they were too realistic and achievable, he became a fantasy writer instead.  Now he spends his days writing stories about magic and explosions.  He is a lover of Eighties rock, an occasional kilt-wearer, and a supporter of raccoons.  He lives in Missouri, where, as ever, he’s working on his next novel.

“Do something,” someone shouted, and I knew it was directed at me, because that’s what you shout at a wizard in an emergency.

—From Credible Threats