A Look Ahead

My current priority remains the Sam Adams series: I’m currently finishing up book two, Rising Shadows, and after that, I plan to dive into book three, working title: Mysterious Ways. But after that, Sam Adams will be getting a short break from saving Williamsport, as I turn my attentions to another series, one that I’ve discussed in interviews and on twitter, but not on my official site. So, I thought I’d rectify that a bit.

As proud as I am of Sam Adams, there’s another idea that’s been with me for even longer, and it’s the one that made me realize I needed to make my dreams of writing a reality: a fantasy epic called The Voice in the Mist. Tentatively planned as a trilogy, book one, The Shattered Throne, will likely be the first book I release outside the Sam Adams novels.

It’ll be my salute to classic high fantasy, influenced strongly by A Song of Ice and Fire, albeit with more fantastical elements, as well as medieval epics like Braveheart, Kingdom of Heaven, and Outlaw King. Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Chronicles is an influence as well.

So what’s it about? Ha. What ISN’T it about?

It’s about a petty thief and rogue who’s impulsive act of heroism sends his life in a direction he never imagined. It’s about a hedge witch who gets in over her head and has to find reserves of strength she didn’t know she possessed. It’s about a dissolute prince who, to his horror, has to strap on his sword and amount to something. It’s about an elvish warrior who wants revenge and realizes he’ll have to topple kingdoms to get it. It’s about a naïve squire with divided loyalties, a princess with enemies on every side, and a legendary knight who dreams of fire.

It’s about castles, magic cauldrons, spooky cults, necromancy, torture chambers, lurking traitors, bards, battles, sieges, ominous portents, pirates, dragons, giant wolves people ride into battle, frantic cavalry charges down burning streets… in short, the whole nine yards of epic fantasy goodness.

And I can’t wait for all of you to read it. (Someday.)