A Look Ahead

My current priority remains the Sam Adams series: I’m currently finishing up book two, Rising Shadows, and after that, I plan to dive into book three, working title: Mysterious Ways. But after that, Sam Adams will be getting a short break from saving Williamsport, as I turn my attentions to another series, one that I’ve …

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A New/Old Interview

Author’s note: this was the first interview of my entire career. Written for a comic book themed Facebook page moderated by my old friend (and fellow Dresden Files fan) Kenny Treece, it’s rather hard to find these days, and when I came across it in my files recently, I decided to reprint it here for …

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Interviews and More

I’ve fallen behind on posting updates lately, so here they are, in one fell swoop. Here’s my interview with Sue Bavey for her Indie Spotlight series: https://suelbavey.wordpress.com/2023/03/23/indie-spotlight-daniel-meyer/ As well as my interview with Ash Fitzsimmons: https://ashfitzsimmons.com/blog/f/indie-spotlight-daniel-meyer I was also able to line up a few interviews thanks to SPFBO9. Here’s one with fellow contestant Raina …

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