Interviews and More

I’ve fallen behind on posting updates lately, so here they are, in one fell swoop.

Here’s my interview with Sue Bavey for her Indie Spotlight series:

As well as my interview with Ash Fitzsimmons:

I was also able to line up a few interviews thanks to SPFBO9. Here’s one with fellow contestant Raina Nightingale:

And another with Alexander Layne, also an SPFBO contestant:

I was also interviewed by Rune S. Nielsen (in fact, I was his one hundredth interview.)

Finally, I did an interview with the good people of Epic Indie:

In other news, I’ve unfortunately been cut from the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award, but I did get some nice feedback from the judges. Luckily I’m still going strong in SPFBO9. I also got a mention from Lezlie of The Nerdy Narrative in a recent video, which you can see here: Lezlie will have a review of Credible Threats out next year.

Last but not least, I got this wonderful review from Ashley of Here Be Dragons:

More to come!